10 Keys To A Good Life

10 Keys to a Good Life

#1: Growth is about trial and error. 
But in order for it to be nourishing growth - to make the learning valuable - we need to be very discerning with where we focus our efforts. We can then simply repeat, repeat, repeat…. ad infinitum, while allowing ourselves to pause and center between trials.


#2: Notice the things that give you meaning. Reduce the self-imposed pressure of finding a purpose in life. Focus instead on giving yourself the space to notice what gets you jazzed. Make this a priority. The resulting clarity will provide insight into where to apply your intention.


#3: Be kind. Always lead with listening to, and caring for, others. Regardless of what is being said, I believe this kindness allows us to better connect with others. Make surprising people with thoughtfulness a new habit.


#4: Be a student in understanding WHO you are. Treat your personality and character as a mystery to uncover. Spend time listening to your thoughts and paying attention to your feelings. Accept whatever you learn. Don’t judge.


#5: Embrace the nudge. Every week adopt one new action that nourishes your soul. At the end of a year, you’ll have done 52 soul-enriching acts.


#6: Have great hygiene. I believe good hygiene signals to the world that you care for yourself. Being intimate with the feeling of caring for yourself, makes it easier to care for others.


#7: Be compassionate. Start with yourself. Having compassion for yourself is the first step in sharing that compassionate, non-judgmental energy with others.


#8: Don’t be scared to let the old you fade away, to become ‘You 2.0’. The key here is putting the work into knowing what You 2.0 looks like. Once this is clear, it is simply making the decision to show up differently. Choose to evolve your character. You may not feel different at first but changing the way you feel starts with behaving as this new person.


#9: Make health your #1 priority. Regardless of what ‘good health’ means for you, make it your #1 priority.


#10: Breathe. Set reminders to stop, pause, and take three stress-relieving breaths every day. Choose the style of breathing that feels right for you. Make this non-negotiable.

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