The Way We Think

Last night I woke up at 3:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. While I slept, uncontrollable thoughts – seeded from stressors I had before bed - went rampant in my subconscious. Waking up simply let the embers breathe and catch fire.

Our mind is a difficult thing to define, let alone control. We don’t often associate noise with our thoughts, but for me thoughts are the most nefarious source of noise.

The question becomes, how do we quiet the noise in our minds? If we don’t, our lives are riddled with cycles of debilitating anxiety. Anxiety fuelled by the uncertainty of a pandemic. A workload that seems endless. That conversation we don’t want to have but needs to happen.

This question can’t be answered in one post, but it all begins with being aware of our thoughts and accepting them as they are. Simply thoughts. And this occurs when we pause. Breathe. And pay attention.

We can then qualify what we’re thinking. Be it a past regret or a future anxiety, if we don’t bring ourselves back to present and acknowledge that we are okay at this moment, nothing will change.

This process of walking into the darkness will be the beginning of a freeing of the mind. The foot lifts from our chest.

Noise provides no value in our lives. While it will always be part of our lives, the lifelong journey of quieting the noise needs to begin.

Make the decision to start the process today. As Alan Watts said, “You’re under no obligation to be the person you were 5-minutes ago.”

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