Thoughts Are Things?

This past weekend a dear friend of mine reminded me that ‘thoughts are things’.

Thoughts are things because, for most of us, we become identified and distracted by them. This identification creates multiple future realities. Realities based on fear, and manifesting anxiety.

Thoughts - beyond fuelling our anxiety - also rewire our brains. They help develop pathways of communication that further solidify their potential. Better known as self-fulfilling prophecies.

We cannot control our thoughts, but we can be more mindful of them. By being more mindful we gain freedom to free those thoughts and quiet the noise they create.

We can then create an environment that produces thoughts that serve us vs. limit us.

This environment is one of compassion, not judgment. Possibilities, not limitations. And an environment where we lean on our character as our guardian angel, allowing us to truly believe that everything will happen as it should.

Yes, thoughts are things. So the next time you observe a thought that is not serving you, rewrite the script, and change the narrative. This will undoubtedly reduce the noise, creating space for focus and new opportunities.

There’s no secret to that.


Pause. Breathe, and quiet the NOISE.


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