Counting down to Zero dB

Zero dB partner NeuroTheryX (NTX) has been studying CNS (central nervous system)-related genetic pathways linked to anxiety. Key to this research is their proprietary measurement platform, allowing them to study the activity of various plant species.  

NTX used this platform to investigate over 100 extracts - from multiple strains of 25 unique plant species - to arrive at the final precise and bespoke combination of plant extracts that powers Zero dB

Safe & Sound-Less

Quieting the noise does not have to come at a cost. The government-approved formula used in Zero dB is derived from plants that have been cited as safe by multiple regulatory agencies and governments in the US and Canada. By using a combination of these extracts, this formulation is not only effective - but offers a heightened assurance of safety - as per research found in the extract’s government monographs.

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