10 Ways to Quiet the Noise When Traveling

Many people who start a wellness routine find it falling apart when they travel. This can happen because they haven't yet ingrained their new lifestyle or because they travel too often and can't find ways to replicate their new habits.

It doesn't have to be this way. There is always a way to find a path to better habits when traveling. These 10 tips can give you a chance to stay on track:

  1. Take 5 minutes to breathe: Stress is a killer. Our stress levels typically rise due to travel chaos. Create different cues to instigate a 5-minute breathing routine. Try 4 sets of 4-7-8 breaths to start: 4-count in-breath, 7-count hold, and 8-count out-breath.
  2. Make time for 15-30 minutes of training daily: How? Try a hotel room workout using simple bands or body weight, or a hotel gym if available. Opt for compound exercises, supersets, light weight, and high-repetition sets, and plyometrics (explosive movements). If you travel a lot, ensure you can get three muscle-building workouts in a week, aiming for sets of 15 reps each.
  3. Reduce the friction of eating healthier: Eat breakfast a little later and make sure it's healthy. Avoid hotel breakfast buffets, as they are typically high in fat and carbs, and you tend to overeat. Wake up a little earlier to find a healthy spot nearby. Greek yogurt, eggs, or a healthy protein shake are good options. Also, have healthy snacks on hand. Make a mixed nut bridge mixture before leaving on your trip and keep it handy. Nuts and fruit can provide a good fix when you have a craving.
  4. Optimize your sleep: Completely black out your room by making sure curtains are shut tight and unplug the alarm clock (use your phone instead). Try to avoid alcohol and food within three hours of going to bed. Late-night eating is a typical travel habit that destroys sleep. If you have Zero dB Focus+Calm available, drink it around 6pm to start winding down.
  5. Toss those synthetic creams: Clean up your toiletries bag and avoid the typical hotel (individually portioned soaps and shampoos). Besides unnecessary plastic waste, they often contain harmful chemicals.
  6. Try to avoid sloppy eating every night: It's fine to loosen up the diet when traveling, but that shouldn't mean having cheat meals for the duration. Be mindful of your indulgences. If eating alone, take advantage to opt for healthy options.
  7. Be extremely mindful of sugar: Eating out and buying convenient snacks make it difficult to keep overall sugar intake in check. Read labels to reduce your overall intake.
  8. Minimize jet lag: Depending on the time zone changes, find an in-between daily routine to minimize disturbing your circadian rhythm. Ensure you get adequate nutrition on trips, as they are physically and mentally depleting.
  9. Try to avoid alcohol: If you want to socialize, keep drinking alcohol at a minimum. This is obvious, I know, but setting the intention to monitor alcohol consumption is key. Alcohol is a depressant, fatiguing, destroys sleep, and is surprisingly high in calories.
  10. Look and smell healthy: Wear an undershirt when you travel. Take it off after your trip to feel fresh. Pack lightweight gym clothes and compact bands to squeeze in hotel room workouts.
And as always, when in doubt… Pause, Breathe, and Quiet the Noise.
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