"Hello, I'm Gary LeBlanc, the heart and soul behind Zero dB. Born and raised in Cape Breton, Canada, my journey from food executive to life engineer led me to a profound realization about the power of wellness.

The untimely loss of a dear friend became a turning point in my life. It wasn't just a wake-up call; it was a calling. I left a long-time career, driven by a vision to transform lives through health and wellness.

My mission was clear, but the path was uncharted. As fate would have it, I crossed paths with Dr. Armen Manoukian, CEO of NeuroTheryX, at a biotech conference in Canada. Our shared passion for finding natural solutions to stress and anxiety sparked an immediate connection.

Dr. Manoukian's groundbreaking research on plant extracts led us to discover a family of botanicals more potent and safer than CBD. Together, we embarked on a quest to create something extraordinary.

Zero dB was born from this union of science and soul. It's more than a beverage company; it's a movement. Our tonics are crafted to help you quiet the mental noise, unlocking a world where focus is sharpened, performance is elevated, and true potential is unleashed.

Join us on this journey to a better, more vibrant life. Experience the natural harmony of Zero dB, and let the rhythm of wellness resonate within you."

CEO & Life Engineer
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