Hi, my name is Gary LeBlanc. I was born and raised in Cape Breton, Canada. I am an engineer by trade and a certified personal trainer.

After the tragic death of a dear friend of mine. I left a successful career at Bacardi to build a health and wellness company.

His death, at a very young age, motivated me to create products that will help people live a better, healthier life.

Shortly before the legalization of cannabis in Canada, I attended a conference with the intent to develop a line of CBD beverages to help people manage anxiety.

It is where I met Dr. Armen Manoukian, Chief Scientific Officer at NeuroTheryx. He told me about his research on common plant extracts and his quest to find a better alternative to CBD to relief stress and anxiety.

Using a proprietary process, Dr. Manoukian and his team identified a family of plants capable, when combined together, of significantly better and safer outcome against anxiety than CDB at the same dosage.

We had a common goal and passion to help people live a better life therefore we decided to partner together. This is how the Zero dB beverage company was born.

Our mission at Zero dB is to help people reach their full potential by quieting the mental noise.

CEO & Life Engineer
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