A House of Cards?

Why isn’t thinking positively a lasting remedy for unhappiness? Can you ‘reason’ yourself into ‘feeling’ differently in the moment?

I believe the answer lies somewhere between focusing on positivity but also engineering your environment to be more fulfilling, such that you can feel differently in the long run.

Simply thinking positively without changing your environment is akin to a new paint job on a car that barely runs. The veneer of positive thoughts is no match to a life that isn’t aligned with your true self or calling.

However, what positivity does do is jam a rod in the gears of your limiting beliefs and your uncontrollable negativity loop that reinforces old thinking.

So positivity need not be a house of cards if you spend time on building a better foundation and structure. With this improved structure, you’ll find that it will be easier and easier to default to the positive without needing to bathe in positive affirmations.


Pause. Breathe, and quiet the NOISE.

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