Noticing Patterns.

How we became conscious beings remains a mystery.


One theory suggests that consciousness ‘emerged’ from the pattern of our atoms and sub-atomic particles. So how does this apply to the evolution of our consciousness?

I’ve spent thousands of hours reflecting, life engineering, reading, and writing, all with the end in mind to evolve my character. To show up differently in my life.

But when do I know that I have evolved? Is it each incremental improvement, much like the false, yet often shared, analogy of the frog in boiling water? Or is there a step-change based on a new pattern of my behaviours?

This is not an exact science, but reflecting on the pattern of our behaviours and how they evolved can help give us a sense of how we are vs. who we aspire to be.

If we aspire to evolve and reduce the noise in our lives, maybe it’s time to expand our view and see all of our behaviours as patterns. What can we learn from this? Where is there a gap in the system? Where do we go from here?

Taking a step back and expanding our view is often the only way to move forward and sharpen our focus.

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