Power of Plants Spotlight: Schisandra

Plants and fungi are the source of all the nutrients we consume. Their diversity is key for balanced well-being. A class of diverse plants that have been growing in popularity are adaptogens.

As per the Oxford dictionary, adaptogens are “(in herbal medicine) a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes.”

There are several plants that are considered adaptogens. Schisandra, native to Asia and North America, is an adaptogen that can have normalizing effects for both physical and emotional stress. Supporting these purported claims, Health Canada classifies schisandra as a compound used ‘to help increase energy and resistance to stress…’

The amazing effects of schisandra need to be well appreciated. In times of excess stress, it is shown to have a stress-protective effect on the endocrine system (i.e., hormones) and in times of physical exhaustion it acts to stimulate the central nervous system1. This ability to draw us back to homeostasis (loosely defined as equilibrium) is a powerful response to our ever-changing environment.

We are in the golden age of understanding the power of plants on our well-being. And in this age of heightened stress and anxiety, plants such as schisandra can help us own our day!

And when in doubt… 

Pause. Breathe, And Quiet the NOISE.

Zero dB Ingredient highlight: The organic schisandra in Zero dB’s Focus+Calm is of the highest quality and sourced from a herb farm in Ontario. The dosage used is the highest effective dose approved by Health Canada. Its role in Focus+Calm is that of an anchor, providing overall balance to Zero dB’s five botanical nootropics. This formula is a must for those looking to re-center either before or after emotionally strenuous times. 


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