Refreshing Your Morning Routine For The New Season


  1. Drink a glass of filtered water and organic lemon juice: dehydration is a common cause of much that ails us and is also the easiest problem to solve. Drinking water first thing in the morning replenishes the water lost during sleep, jumpstarts our metabolism, and sets the stage for having proper hydration throughout the day. Adding lemon provides an extra kick of vitamins and minerals
  1. Perform a 15-minute guided meditation: when we wake up, we often start ruminating over all the things we need to get done during the day. Meditating first not only helps calm the racing mind, but is a perfect time to get in our meditating reps. And the more we meditate, the more we start to notice the monkey mind in action.
  1. Jot down 3 things for which you're grateful: we are programmed to reduce risk in our lives, resulting in way too much time focused on the negative. Thus, we often catastrophize aspects of our lives without pausing to appreciate all the gifts we already possess. The morning is the perfect time to set the stage for an attitude of gratitude.
  1. Read ‘My SuperHuman Life’ 1-page summary: positive programming early in the day is great way to set the proper emotional tone for the day and reinforce our intentions for growth and fulfillment, My SuperHuman Life is summary of what we want to create in our lives, from friends to family, and career to finance. In the end we want to bath in the potential of our lives on a regular basis,
  1. 3x/week perform a 15-minute high intensity interval: high intensity intervals are a great way to increase our VO2 max (essentially the strength of our heart) and naturally increase our growth hormones, in a very short time. They are also an efficient and effective way to help reduce our chances of developing cardiovascular disease.
  1. Take a 2-min cold shower followed by a hot shower: cold exposure is one of the many ways to promote hormesis (i.e., the adaptive response to stress). Cold exposure has been touted to improve cognitive function and mood, as well as improve circulation and reduce inflammation. Along with exposure to morning sunlight, it can also snap you out of your morning funk, There are many different protocols around exposure to achieve results.
  1. Blend an organic, high-powered smoothie and prepare organic coffee: depending on when you eat breakfast, a great way to start your day is with an organic smoothie loaded with green vegetables, seeds, fermented foods, spices, protein, and several other healthy ingredients. It loads your body with a plethora of bioavailable ingredients you need to be vital.
  1. Perform 45-mins of creative work: before life gets away from you, the morning is a great time to work on more creative pursuits. Specifically, creative journaling on anything you find meaningful is a fantastic way to leverage the blank canvas of your mind early in the morning,
  1. Review your main intention for the day: there is a difference between being efficient and being effective. We are often efficient in performing tasks that aren’t a priority. This is not effective. When we review our main intention for the day we’re ensuring that what we’re working on is value added for what we want to achieve, thus improving our effectiveness.
  1. Start your day with your most important task 1st: along with setting our intention, starting with the most important task forces us to not avoid doing something because it’s hard. When we default to easy unimportant things, we simply placate our need for busyness without really achieving anything worthwhile


And when in doubt…


Pause. Breathe, And quiet the NOISE.

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