Small Triumphs: Finding Joy in the Simple Things

I've just put the finishing touches on some custom shelves in our home office. This little project is part of our big plan to prep our condo for a very special arrival in June—our first baby!

As I stepped back to admire the freshly varnished shelves, a wave of satisfaction washed over me, reminding me of the time I built the office library with my dad. Even now, I can't help but smile when I think about that day, working side by side.

I know years from now when I glance at these shelves, I'll remember that they were built as we awaited our family to grow from two to three.

It's easy to overlook the significance of small achievements. We celebrate big promotions and hefty raises, yet it’s the smaller, personal victories that weave the fabric of a fulfilling life. Whether it's putting in a hard day’s work, extending a hand to someone in need, or building something with our own two hands.

Each small win marks a moment in our best life. These moments define us. Too often, we're caught up in the pursuit of a perfect life, always chasing a bigger win just out of reach, clouding out these moments.

What if we focused on the here and now, cherishing each small step? Only peering up to see the horizon for perspective, not anticipation.

What if we saw life as a series of lily pads, each jump a chance for a small victory?

Set a goal each week to complete three things that give you a sense of
accomplishment. It’s about making each week count, one small victory at a time. It’s about intentionally creating and noticing these moments.

Soon, you’ll find yourself moving from one joyous moment to the next, with less and less noise to cloud your happiness.

And remember, when in doubt… Pause. Breathe. And Quiet the Noise.

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