The Unexpected Potential of Licorice Root

Continuing our series on the bespoke botanical blend across our full line-up of Zero dB nootropic beverages, today we’re focusing on (pun intended) licorice root. 
We source our licorice root from a premium, Canadian, family-run herb farm who have been in the business of high quality herb extraction for decades. This is an immense source of pride and efficacy for all our products. 
Licorice root has been shown to help with:
  • hormone regulation 
  • oral and liver health 
  • reducing indigestion symptoms 
But the true power in our licorice root is how it acts like a key in the complicated dance it performs with the other four botanicals that work together to produce powerful Nootropic effects. 
Most functional foods and beverages mix various botanicals to ostensibly obtain their individual benefits. However it’s not that simple.
When designing functional products it’s often the complementary behaviours of the botanicals and their interactions that is not well understood. 
In our partnership with NeuroTheryX we were able to directly witness, through empirical observation, the combined behaviour of these extracts in the neural pathways where anxiety lives.
This is not only unique to our beverages, but the most critical aspect of responsible product development. 
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