Built on Passion Podcast - Zero dB x ReddyYeti


A Beverage Designed to Help Bring You Back To Homeostasis
So You Can Make Space In Your Mind For What Matters To You

From the ReddyYeti website:

Matt, Co-Founder of ReddyYeti, sits down with Zero dB founder Gary LeBlanc. Zero dB makes a plant-based science-backed CBD-free functional beverage that actively helps you relax and quiet your mind.

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve been so tired, so run down, that we end up reaching for an energy drink or an extra cup of coffee. Well, what if we had the same option when we’re overly stressed? That’s the question that Gary and a team of scientists from NeuroTheryX (NTX) have been asking and, more importantly, have answered. After studying CNS (central nervous system)-related genetic pathways linked to anxiety, they tested combination after combination of plant extracts to finally find the perfect combination that will help center your mind and bring you back to your baseline. Beyond pioneering an experiential beverage Zero dB has taken a HUGE leap in opening up the functional beverage space for something other than energy drinks and other similar stimulants. What’s even more fascinating is that this isn’t just a holistic approach, this is carefully tested science at its best.

In this episode of Built On Passion Gary LeBlanc digs into the science behind what Zero dB is, his why behind creating such a unique beverage, and his philosophy on the importance of making space

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