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Every two weeks, I, Gary LeBlanc, will be sending out a newsletter in hopes I can help share my ways of quieting the mental noise.

I have spent years and continue to study the art of quieting the mental noise and I believe there are ways we can help one another to live a quieter, mentally healthy, and more focused life.

You can expect the same format for every newsletter. I truly hope you can find some tidbits of information you can apply in your everyday life, no matter how big or small.

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What is Noise? 

A quote that has left its mark on me is later in the newsletter. It relates to remembering that we’re all connected and to lead with love and compassion, regardless of the what or the who.

Most of us are at the mercy of what happens to us. This constant judging of situations creates an unyielding cacophony of mental chatter.

When I speak of noise, I am referring to this mental chatter. It represents most of our thinking-time. Limiting beliefs. Comparisons. Judgements.

We might question how this relates to what’s happening in our lives, but how we perceive the world has everything to do with our reaction to our external environment.

The Greek philosopher Democritus said that ‘life is only perception.’ While we can’t control the event we can always receive it with love and compassion, then choose our response.

Life is an orchestra of trials. We can either approach life, much like a video game, overcoming obstacles and leveling up. Or we can give the noise the space it wants, smothering our ability to blaze our own path.

This conversation is just getting started. Our goal is to shift the narrative, increase our zone of mental control, and quiet the noise.

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