What Do I Deserve?

In my quest to identify sources of noise in my life I stumble upon things that I would never expect. Coincidentally, the word ‘expect’ is one of these sources.

Expectations cause much of our suffering, and in turn, much of the noise in our lives. A major source of our expectations is feeling we ‘deserve’ things to happen.

She deserves that promotion. I deserve to be recognized for all my hard work. He deserves a break from the kids.

What is the point of feeling we deserve something? What does it provide us beyond an expectation for things to be different?

What happens when what we think we deserve doesn’t occur? Do we feel better or worse?

Feeling we deserve things is futile because the universe doesn’t deliver what we feel we deserve. The universe is an infinitely complex set of conditions that don’t include our feelings in its calculus of outcomes.

And if we feel it’s a minor faux pas to say we deserve something, spend some time with your thoughts and think of all the things you feel you deserve. I can say that my list is long. A long list of potential disappointments.

Life isn’t improved by feeling we deserve things. It simply causes suffering. It’s a quid pro quo utopia that doesn’t exist.


So maybe the slight shift needed is to simply trust that working hard, behaving with impeccable character, and surrendering to what the universe has in store will create our best life.

Don’t feel you deserve your best life, create the conditions for it to manifest. This could be the key to quieting the noise in your life.

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